...This is the Only QUIZ That Will Analyze The Deeper Dynamics Between You And Your Man...

Why isn't your man committing?
Freud gives his verdict
Using Sigmund Freud's most famous theories, this quiz will analyze the deeper dynamics between you and your man... and tell you what's really holding him back from fully committing to your relationship.

Let's be real:

Modern men aren’t good at committing.

Love feels huge and scary. There are so many options. So many apps.

So many expectations...

But there’s a difference between the man who is struggling to commit because of external reasons and the man who can’t commit because of internal issues.

Why isn't he committing?

Are social expectations or an idea of what it means to be a man holding him back? 

Or is it a feeling that he hasn’t yet succeeded enough professionally to be in a serious relationship?

These are common external reasons.

On the other hand, is he conflicted internally by a fear of being hurt again due to trauma from a previous relationship? 

Or does he have an anxious-avoidant attachment style, doubts about compatibility with a new woman or sexual addiction issues?

These are common internal issues.

The key is to identify the underlying cause of your man’s failure to commit. Only then can you actually do something about it.

But here’s the problem...

The most deep-seated sexual and romantic issues that men have are buried in their subconscious.

Even if they wanted to be honest with you about what’s holding them back, they just don’t know.

That’s where Austrian psychology pioneer Sigmund Freud comes into the picture.

Freud’s theories about love and the psychology of commitment have a lot to say about today’s relationships, and so do shamanic teachings about what creates and sustains desire.

The following quiz takes the work of Freud and applies it to modern relationships.

It will clarify why your man is struggling with commitment and what you can do that will flip the switch.

Why should you listen to me?

I'm Justin Brown, founder of Ideapod.

I’m also a former Ph.D. candidate in international politics and social psychology who went to the depths of Brazil to study shamanism…

I went in with serious questions about myself as a man and my love life: 

I wanted to know why can’t I commit in relationships?

Along with this work I’ve been deeply studying the work of psychologists and relationship experts to get even more perspective on what’s holding me back.

One day I had a giant aha! moment and it suddenly all came together...

Freud is right.

Freud wasn't just some kooky psychologist who was obsessed with sexual fetishes. 

He’s right about love and he’s right about attraction.

Why Freud is right

Freud is right because he’s brutally honest. He doesn’t hold back on awkward or uncomfortable subjects and he bases his work on real people and cases he had.

He understands and admits that we are narcissists to our core.

Sure, we have the potential to be generous, kind and sacrificial…

But at the end of the day, a big part of what drives us is self-interest, sexual desire, ego fulfillment…

Our problem is that we feel split and insufficient.

It starts when we leave our parents and continues on an emotional level as we pursue relationships. We want validation and completion, a satisfying and deep connection with someone who gets us.

Love is the answer.

Far too often, however, red flags come up that cause us — as men — to self-sabotage, pull back and flat-out run away…

Take the quiz

Here’s the thing:

You can’t ask your man what’s really going on. 

Because the real issues are so deep and buried in his subconscious.

That's the power of a Freudian diagnosis: it goes deeper into the subconscious and reveals the hidden issues that are sabotaging his ability to commit.

Simply answer a few personal questions below and Sigmund Freud will reveal what's really holding your man back from committing to you...
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