quiz: which mindvalley course is best for you?
I'm Justin Brown, founder of Ideapod. Take my quiz to discover which Mindvalley course is perfect for you.
If you’re into self improvement, online learning platform Mindvalley offers some fantastic courses.

The catch is, there’s 50+ of them to choose from.

With topics ranging from mind and body to parenting and entrepreneurship, deciding where to invest your time and money can be tricky.

I’m the founder of Ideapod, a media website which publishes personal development guides. I’m also a Mindvalley expert, having taken 10+ classes myself.

If you don’t have time to trawl through all your Mindvalley options, let me help.

Take this quick quiz and discover in minutes which Mindvalley class is your perfect match — and why.
What is your biggest focus in life right now?
Pretty much all areas of my life equally (health, relationships, spirituality, career, finances etc.)
My fitness. I want to get in shape, lose weight, take better care of myself, feel healthier and more confident in my appearance.
I honestly don’t know, I couldn’t pick just one. I’m motivated for long term growth and want a happier, more successful life, but I’m not really sure yet what that looks like.
Improving my skills. I want to feel smarter, learn more easily and reach my optimum performance.
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