...This is the Only QUIZ That Will Analyze The Deeper Dynamics Between You And Your Man...

Freud has the answer
Using Freud's most famous theories, this quiz will analyze the deeper dynamics between you and your man... and tell you whether he really does like you.

Let's Be Real:

Sometimes it's hard to tell whether a guy likes you.

What you need is expert advice.

I'm Justin Brown, founder of Ideapod and bona fide relationship expert.

But instead of giving you my opinion about whether he really likes you, I’m going to turn things over to someone much more famous than me.

Sigmund Freud.

Freud revolutionized the world of the mind and libido with his insights. He was a master at:
  • Understanding sex and attraction
  • Breaking taboos
  • Digging down into the deeper layers of our subconscious.
Want a love diagnosis from the famous psychologist himself?

All you have to do is answer a few personal questions below and Sigmund Freud will give you an accurate answer to the question:

“Does He Like Me?”

Take the QUIZ below to find out.

How well do you know him?
We’re in a relationship.
We’re casually dating.
We’re friends.
He hardly knows me.
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