what's your HIDDEN superpower?
Embark on a journey with me to uncover the extraordinary power that already resides within you.

“Your biggest emotional challenges become your greatest strengths” - Rudá Iandê

Have you ever wished for the ability to erase those aspects of your personality that seem to only bring pain and struggle?

I'm Justin Brown, the founder of Ideapod, and I've felt the same way countless times.

It might be your tender heart, your endlessly analytical mind, or your cautious nature that seems to hold you back.

But what if these emotional obstacles are actually the gateway to your true potential and a hidden superpower just waiting to be unleashed?

Dive into our quiz to unveil your secret superpower and learn how to transform your perceived weaknesses into remarkable strengths.
If you could choose one activity you’d like to do more often, what would it be?
Anything to help me mentally “switch off” like walks in the park, meditation, or getting lost in a good book
Going out with other people — friends, family, the community or colleagues
Cuddling on the sofa with a significant other
Time studying, learning and improving myself
Fun activities like shopping, eating out, Netflix
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