what's your superpower?
This revealing quiz will help you discover your hidden superpower and unlock your greatest gifts in life. 

“Your biggest emotional challenges become your greatest strengths” - Rudá Iandê

How many times have you wished you could magic away those parts of your personality which only seem to make you suffer?

I’m Justin Brown, the founder of Ideapod, and I know I have — plenty of times.

Maybe it’s your deeply sensitive heart, perhaps it is your overthinking mind or even your cautious nature that always wants to tread so carefully.

But what if the emotional challenges we face are actually the key to unleashing our innermost power?

Take the quiz to find out your secret superpower and learn how to turn coal into a brilliant shining diamond.
If you could choose one activity you’d like to do more often, what would it be?
Anything to help me mentally “switch off” like walks in the park, meditation, or getting lost in a good book
Going out with other people — friends, family, the community or colleagues
Cuddling on the sofa with a significant other
Time studying, learning and improving myself
Fun activities like shopping, eating out, Netflix
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